Gears Pop Release Date Revealed

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Gears of War 5 is coming later this year, but before then fans can get their Gears fix with the delightful new mobile title Gears POP!, which combines Microsoft‘s juggernaut Gears franchise with Funko’s adorable POP! figures. The results are hilarious and addicting, and now fans can mark their calendars as the game will release on August 22nd. That’s just a day or two from now, but if you want to get a leg up you can pre-register in your device’s app store now just to make sure your device is compatible (via Warior64).

Gears POP! is a PVP game where you can take unlocked characters and build your own custom team to take on other players. Each battle is designed to take around 3 minutes, and while it is on mobile devices, the game will feature a trademark of the franchise, and that’s cover.

Your units can move forward and claim cover, so that means not only are you battling each other but you’re also fighting to gain advantages on the battlefield by gaining cover and taking it away from the other team. When you take control of cover you can also spawn a new unit at that spot, but if it’s taken away you will have to spawn your units at other points you control. Your main base is guarded by two turrets and holds a central control position you can put a unit in.

Typically in Gears, you are either on the side of the COG or the Locusts, but in Gears POP! you can mix and match for the first time. That means you can have Marcus Fenix next to a Boomer or General RAAM if you so choose, and this flexibility allows for some fun variations.

The first footage from the game shows how a few of the different units work, giving us a glimpse of a Wretch swarm, Marcus’ ultimate ability Hammer of Dawn, and the big-time damage a Grinder can do.

You can check out the official description for Gears POP! below.

“Gears POP! is a real-time multiplayer mobile game featuring fan-favorite Gears of War characters in a Funko art style. Collect charming characters, fight real-time explosive arena battles, and mix and match powerful units and support items to build the strongest squad.”


Gears POP! hits iOS and Google Play on August 22nd.

Are you pumped for Gears POP? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!


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