Fortnite Players Complete Community Goal to Earn Free Weapon Skin

Fortnite players made quick work of what looked to be an imposing community goal and worked together to earn a free weapon skin this weekend. The Autumn Queen’s community challenge tasked players with working together to assist one another by patching people up in matches and playing with friends to earn points towards a shared goal. After reaching that goal with over a day left in the event, players will the free Autumn Queen’s Animated Fallen Leaf Wrap to decorate their weapons.

Epic Games originally announced the Autumn Queen event on Thanksgiving with an appropriate challenge of asking players to work together to reach the goal. Players earned points towards that goal when they revived teammates, healed allies with the Bandage Bazooka, or played matches with friends whether those matches were won or lost. Two points were distributed for every revived teammate, one point was awarded for every health point earned with the healing cannon, and five points were earned by each player when they played with friends.

Even considering how quickly you could amass points by performing these actions in games multiplied by how many players would be working towards the same goal, the threshold to unlock the skin was still a sizable one. Players had to acquire 2,500,000,000 points in total, but they apparently had no problem doing that. The Fortnite Twitter account announced on Saturday just two days into the community event that players had reached the goal and would therefore be awarded with the Falling Leaf Wrap.

0commentsAs the tweet stated, you’ve still got a chance to earn the wrap even if you didn’t help everyone else reach the goal. Players originally only had to play one match to be eligible for the community reward once it was reached, but since the event has ended more than a day early due to players working together so well, the window to receive the weapon skin has been extended. All you have to do is play a game sometime before 8 p.m. on December 1st and you’ll have the skin waiting for you by December 6th.

Players must’ve been busy within the last day or so since the meter used to track the progress wasn’t even at the halfway point yesterday. Perhaps it took some time to update, but all that matters for players now is that they’ll be getting a new weapon skin by the end of next week.

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