JOKER Director Reveals State of Sequel Plans

Credit: Warner Bros.
<em>Variety</em> is compiling reaction to Monday morning's&nbsp;<a href="">Golden Globes nominations</a> from the nominees themselves, and Todd Phillips, Best Director - Motion Picture nominee for&nbsp;Joaquin Phoenix's <strong>Joker</strong> responded and gave fans an update on a possible sequel to the unexpected mega-hit.

“When I first pitched this movie to Warner Bros., I never thought about nominations or grosses. I was just thinking how we would push this through to achieve a finished product," said Phillips.

"As for why audiences were drawn to the film, it was a combination of things: obviously Joaquin and his performance, it was so immersive and he really dove into what he was doing. I used to joke with the DP during the shoot that rather than some massive visual effects, Joaquin was that special effect for us. Before we started shooting, I really knew how invested he was in this role and knew we possibly had something very special ahead of us."

Phillips concluded by adding this update.

"As for a sequel, it’s way too early [to tell]. I swear I haven’t even talked to Joaquin about that yet or what that would even be.”

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